We have a 3BBL brew house from Stout Tanks. Our brewery is approximately 1000 sq ft and features a 2 vessel brewhouse , 7 fermenters and 2 brite tanks. Our brewhouse features custom fitted fermenters and a custom cooling system that's the only one of it's kind in the area. We can brew between 105 - 125 gallons of tasty goodness at a time. 


While we do utilize multiple pumps throughout our brew day, most of our process is still very manual. We have no rakes in our mash tun, everything is stirred by hand with our mash paddle. We remove the spent grain in multiple containers and everything goes out to local farmers to feed their livestock. 


While most of the beers we brew are only available through our Taproom in Casselberry, we do send some beers out into the Florida Market . Check out our Where To Find Our Beer page to see a list of places you might be able to grab some of our creations!